TradeMark Design, founded by Tamara van Suylekom in 2007, works on forms that communicate. Shapes created with digital equipment, but also with analog techniques such as scans, copies, 8 mm film and more. This combination of analog and digital we call digilogue.

Keeping up with our times, but keep an open vision for old techniques to maintain character. That’s why our corporate identities, logos and other expressions of form have their own strong appearance.

We like to work with small and large companies who are looking for form and content with a main focus on all printed matter and cultural projects.


Tamara is a highly motivated Graphic designer. Works perfectly in our ICT team. Has an extraordinary ability of multitasking and good social / networking skills. Tamara makes the technical consultancy documents more easy to understand for the less technical readers with sophisticated DTP design.

Gjalt Huisman
ICT Manager
Valstar Simonis


  • 2022 Re#sister x Happy Accidents: Textural Patterns, (Rotterdam), organiser / curator
  • 2019 Re#sister showcase, Podium OCW (Rotterdam), co-organiser
  • 2018 Dutch Modular Fest (The Hague), communication
  • 2017 Ginko Modular Fest (The Hague), festival producer / communication
  • 2017 Eendracht Festival (Rotterdam), festival producer
  • 2017 Festival Downtown (Rotterdam), festival producer
  • 2016 Noodlebar (Rotterdam), secretary of the board / communication
  • 2015 Noodlebar (Rotterdam), communication
  • 2013 KosNix x Moustache Records party (Rotterdam), co-organiser / programming
  • 2012 – 2017 Route du Nord (Rotterdam), co-organiser / communication



  • 2021 Publieke Werken Rotterdam “Boxy”

  • 2019 Konvooi Kunstenfestival (Gent), sound performance

  • 2018 The S/ash Gallery (Rotterdam) vj performance

  • 2014 Armory Week, See.mee Exhibition (New York), “Sunny Mountains”
  • 2011 Route du Nord Light (Rotterdam) “its that”

  • 2010 Route du Nord (Rotterdam) “The End” installation

  • 2009 Route du Nord (Rotterdam “Striping”

  • 2009 Illustrative Berlin

  • 2008 Kunstwerk Spangen (Rotterdam) “Vluchthaven” installation

  • 2008 Route du Nord (Rotterdam) “Vluchthaven” installation


  • 7 loop Zevenhoven
  • Agenschap NL
  • Amnesty International NL
  • Boober
  • Das Ding
  • De Lege Ruimte
  • Dutch Modular Fest
  • Eendrachtfestival
  • Estadia
  • Falafular Modules
  • Festival Downtown
  • Geruis
  • GinkoSynthese
  • IFFR
  • Irene Siekman
  • Loslopend Wild
  • Marco Martens
  • Noodlebar
  • Picnic Island
  • Poeziebus
  • Route du Nord
  • Rozaline Rodrigues
  • SKVR
  • Stichting De Nieuwe Lichting
  • Stichting Schiezicht
  • SuperBuddy
  • Urban Unit
  • Valstar Simonis
  • World Press Photo Rotterdam
  • World Press Photo Zierikzee


CV / Portfolio


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